Dreamt Potential

There are many ways we can connect to our potential to gain a greater sense of our talents. Some of us find this as a calling through our passion lit ablaze within our hearts’ desire. Others find it hidden buried in back of our failed attempts to do something completely different. Still, others are lead through a divine intervention of sorts, like a dream that unfolds a potential never imagined. However, the imagination is sparked to leave behind the comfort of the known to venture out into the unknown, we are led to engage our potential.

We each carry within us a potential to become something other than what we might imagine. Like the seed or an acorn, we cannot always tell what it will become. The mighty strength of an oak tree or the brilliant abundance of apple tree, is equally hidden with the seed or acorn that holds its potential. We are very much like this, in that we also have hidden away within us a potential that until realized in its full maturity goes unseen.

We have so much potential that we often assume that it must be obvious otherwise it is not present. Truthfully, we have more potential than we can achieve in a single lifetime as our consciousness is limitless. Although, we expend energy, chase after achievements and complete multiple tasks within our lives, there is much more available for use.

We see the demonstrations of mind blowing feats performed by those who have mastered control of their bodies and minds, capable of superhuman strength, speed, agility or even mental feats of intelligence and unexplainable grace. Our consciousness has no shortage when it comes to going beyond the ordinary expectations to bear witness to unimaged accomplishments.

We have examples from all over the world of individuals who can do things that surprise, inspire and dumbfound us by their very existence. We may not be able to follow their example exactly, but we can learn to find our own expression of the same unlimited potential in some way that is appropriate to ourselves. Before, we can take action to demonstrate this potential, we must first dream of it.

Dreaming of what is possible often requires us to acknowledge what we take to be a limitation. We must practice dreaming of the impossible as though it were possible, by inviting the imagination to be active. Through our imagination we find anything is possible and our minds readily offer us keys to the door that opens up our dreams.

It’s a wonderful exercise to practice playing with the imagination. It unlocks the hidden, destroying the myth of limitation while launching unseen ideas and revelations. Playing with our potential through our active imagination is the key to the storehouse of our potential as it triggers within us the consciousness that makes all thing possible, especially what we cannot readily see.

Through the magically mental state of active imagination, we find a greater power available to us. We can unleash whatever we put our minds to work on and through the capabilities of imagined solutions find a way forward to complete our tasks and achieve goals. It requires practicing through activation of consciousness to allow the answers to be brought forward from the deep recesses of our minds.

Many great thinkers, and inventors have demonstrated and attested that their inventions and insights came not from laboriously thinking, but through a relaxed state of the imaginal. Sometimes these insights arrived during a nap after falling asleep while contemplating their work, only to be given an answer like a divine solution through a well appointed dream. Others, mention being led similarly by practicing a form of visual imagination allowing their minds to lead to the solution through a spontaneous idea.

There is a simple practice to getting this same effect that can be practice by everyone for anything desired to be achieved. It begins by taking advantage of the conscious state we enter before we fall asleep. Within this special state of awareness, our subconscious blends together connecting to our waking consciousness that creates a unique opportunity to impress ideas from one onto the other.