Divinely Loved 💖

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There are moments in our lives when we feel the full measure of being loved. Perhaps, it comes as a warm rushing wave of affection and deep caring from someone as they embrace us and look after our needs. It may be the gentleness that someone takes to soften a terrible day that makes everything better. Kind words, soft gestures and supportive actions all reveal love. And sometimes, it's just that feeling of being truly seen by another and appreciated. However, we experience receiving those rays of abundant love the feeling of being loved is the same.

Love is love. Meaning all love comes from the divine Source of Love. We connect with that Source of love when we give or receive love. It is that love that is flowing through us, outwardly to each other and then back to us again. Imagine a giant circuit of loving energy that is flowing rapidly all over the place. Divine love is everywhere.

Divine love flows through our relationships when we are genuinely compassionate and open to being authentically ourselves. When we honor our true feelings accepting ourselves, we can openly accept others. Then we are in a state of loving compassion that aligns us with divine love. Divine love is without conditions for it exist in alignment with wisdom and grace that all is love.

Unconditional love is not an easy form of love for most people to maintain. Many people equate love with receiving things that will make them better in some way. Perhaps, because we grow up with fairy tales that teach the ideas that someone else with come along to bring us love. Love tarnished by the idea of fulfilling all our desires and healing every wound is not reasonable or healthy. Love has the power to do the impossible, only when it's in alignment with divine Source.

Divine love is always found within ourselves first before it can be experienced within others. When we are able to feel love within ourselves and actively cultivate giving love to ourselves we are preparing to love others. We are prepared to receive love from others as we've practiced giving to ourselves. When we have a strong rooted connection to inner love, outer love is effortless. It becomes easy to find that part of the divine within another when we are well acquainted with its vibrational force within ourselves.

One way to cultivate divine love is to remember that you are loved. It sounds simple. It's not. Remembering that you are loved is actually a challenge for most people. Perhaps, they are unaware, highly distracted, or maybe feel unworthy, or just forget to think of themselves beyond basic maintenance of food and sleep. Actively remembering that you are loved means contemplating all those who love you and all those you love. Remembering, to be in alignment with the continuous flow of conscious divine energy that is love.

Divine love is also accessible through invitation. By inviting the Divine to come and love you, immediately shifts the experiences you attract. Suddenly positive things begin to happen and a generous feeling of love begins to flow to you from friends and loved ones. It's truly a wonderful way to connect as the force of love is invited and can manifest in any number of magical ways. Simply say, "I invite divine love to come into my experiences today, thank you".

Another way to connect with that loving force within is spending time giving service. One of the fastest ways to lift energy is through the act of service. Especially, when offered genuinely from the heart as a gift. I have seen many people transformed from angry and bitter into kind, loving and peaceful through the continued act of offering seva or selfless service. Offering time, energy, knowledge or physical labor to a cause that has meaning benefits not only the organization, but also greatly the one who serves.

There is also the traditional path to Divine love. It is known as bhakti yoga, or the path of devotion. There have been many people who famously found enlightenment through bhakti yoga. Great poets like Hafiz, Rumi, famous mystics like Sai Baba of Shridi all practiced devotion as a path to enlightenment. There are many wonderful books that can help to inspire devotion to the Divine. Practicing intense devotion builds divine love in the form of a lived experience as everything is seen as God.