Divine Harmony

In ancient times this season marked the year when the return of light was celebrated. It meant that the divine harmony within nature would be reflected in other expressions of creation. The traditions may have changed, but we are still celebrating Divine light. We may be celebrating in many different ways with high mass, or holy prayers. Perhaps celebrated with a mixture of culture and traditions. Each offering a wonderful expression of love, good will, joy and peace.

As we mark the return of light with the lengthening of daylight at this time of Solstice. We can equally celebrate the light within our lives, relationships and self-expression. It is important to celebrate the light within ourselves and to share it. That special brightness that lifts the soul and connects us to our purpose is without equal. It has the power to heal, sooth, guide and enlighten any situation.

Inner light is that special magnetism within our awareness that leads to our highest potentials. It ignites passion, encourages growth and compassion, supports dreams to completion. Inner light is confidence and a sense of wholeness that proceed beyond challenges and make its brightness felt. Each of us has this amazing resilience. A connection to an inner light that can be accessed through introspection.

Coming together to celebrate the return of light remembering that light is shining in everything. It's especially wonderful to see it also reflected in each other. Perhaps giving each family member a way to come back to their own inner light, if they've recently forgotten. Family is important in that way of giving direction through shared light. Don't be afraid to shine bright and to share the light you posses. Remember, it's all god given.

Let your light shine in your expression. This is the best gift we can give to each other is the light we have within. The light that shines within laughter and good cheer, that beams through bright smiles and long cherished hugs. Enjoy the abundance of light in the season that appears most powerfully reflected in the warmth of each other.

The light of the holiday is celebrated at this time of year in so many beautiful ways. Sometimes the holiday can be well intended yet, become a bit hectic. If that happens, be sure to recall the main reason for the holidays. To celebrate the return of light. So take, a deep relaxing breath and enjoy the light of this simple awareness. Grateful to take a relaxing breath and just be. Celebrate the divine light, may it radiate in you and be seen in all those you love! Happiest of Holiday Blessings to you!

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