Crystals to Enhance Empowerment

There are many wonderful elements found within our world that can be used to support our inner mindfulness and wellness. Throughout the ages precious stones have been used to empower the wearer with mystical powers, avoiding malefic planetary forces and gaining blessings of good fortune. Each stone, like each person carries a specific vibrational energy signature. We can use these vibrational sources to aid us in stabilizing our own energy vibrational fields.

It is interesting to notice what we are attracted to at different times. There seems to be a certain phenomenon that occurs, where what we need is exactly what we are attracted too. We may not even known what it is, only that we like it, want to wear it, and seem really attracted to a certain type of stone. This intuitive feeling should not be overlooked.

Some believe that we are destined to work with certain stones. And this may be true, we have birthstones, our astrology charts contain exact recommendations as to which precious stone is best for each of us. This knowledge all though tested through time in the ancient world, is without a great deal of modern research. However, it appears this practice is best experienced individually for each person.

There are some stones that have become known to promote specific energetic vibrations. These are listed below. If you have not worked with healing crystals before, keep in mind that the vibrational frequencies are not always perceptible, yet are working at a subtle level. It's also recommended to work with specific stone for a period of time to become acquainted with the vibrational field and to recognize an influence.

As with most intuitive practices, always follow your inner promptings. Following what calls to you. Sometimes, we are attracted by color, name or even by receiving a gift that turns out to have a synchronicity especially for us. We can further deepen our understanding by looking into what may be triggered or activated emotionally by interacting with specific stones.

This is a very short list of potential crystals. There are many more, but to give a idea of the potential areas of influence, here are a few. Visiting a store and choosing a stone in-person has a very specific advantage of being able to 'feel' a connection to the crystal. Regardless of how you acquire your stones, always clear them by smudging them first before working with them.

  • Amazonite to embrace truth in communication, known as truth teller stone.

  • Amethyst to promote spiritual activation. Worn as jewelry or place in rooms.

  • Bloodstone to gain strength, courage and stamina.

  • Citrine to repel negativity. Worn or placed at the entry to a room.

  • Emerald brings compassion, healing and abundance.

  • Moonstone leads to self-discovery and enhances intuition.

  • Opal as a dreaming stone

  • Peridot increases warmth, increase abundance remove negativity.

  • Rose Quartz to enhance love, self acceptance and compassion.

  • Ruby for psychic protection.

  • Sapphire to attract wealth.

  • Selenite to clear and uplift energy.

  • Snowflake Obsidian for grounding

  • Turquoise for protection and guidance during travel.