Creative Instinct

Creativity is mighty. Creativity is a force that can literally transform our world, taking others into our dreams, sharing our visions. Through our ability to be creative, we can soar through our imaginations embarking on destinations that launch us into innovative change and new discoveries. To keep this force of creativity active in our lives, we must encourage it.

Being creative is a choice. Invoked by the desire to unleash the hidden potential of the creative consciousness that dwells within. Still, we must participate by following the creative nudges that arise to bring creation into form. We are the originators, architects, and initiators of our creative imagination. And at times, act as mid-wife to an inner creative force, outpouring unimagined creative genius. Connecting with our creativity supports all our potential.

We can embrace our creativity by being observant. When we look out onto the world with an openness to creativity, we’re moved by inspiration. Our consciousness is prepared to dazzle us at any moment with unexpected insights. Looking at what sparks interest, or gives insight or innovation, this is our creative instinct waking up.

Creativity is often placed outside of our daily tasks, especially when performing a repetitive workload. It is important to encourage our creativity, even if it’s not typically apart of our work. Thinking of ways to use creativity might be more about making time to be creative. When we use our creativity, we tend to be more creative in our viewpoint and perspective.

Creativity can be expressed completely different by each person, bringing us unimagined potential for greatness. We do not need to copy what another person is doing to be creative. We can follow what interest us, offering what is uniquely ours.

We can encourage our creativity by following our passions, insights, loves, and interests. We are always more creative when we are genuinely interested. Our creativity is improved through opportunities to express it. Creativity is sparked by genuine interest in the subject. Take advantage of noticing what it is that draws special attention, this is creativity’s cues that are meant to be explored.

I’ve heard some people say that their creative instinct came out of necessity, when they needed something and had to make-do with what they had, creating something far better. Our creative instinct is not buried away somewhere. It is waiting to be given ways to express its potential. Our creative instinct might not be seen all the time. Still, we can make opportunities to enhance our creative instincts by giving ourselves chances to stir our creative abilities.

Stirring Our Creative Instincts

· Play with art supplies, especially colors of all kinds.

· Taking photos.

· Making a mosaic or collage.

· Designing a game, a quilt pattern, craft project.

· Learn something new.

· Research art galleries, museums, and exhibitions.

· Create a mood board and develop a project.

· Following other designers, artists, and creati