Celebrating New Beginnings

Each year we embark on the calendar a new beginning, a new start to a new year filled with hope, promise and expectations. We can take this opportunity to designate a fresh start, marking a threshold to a new adventure, preparing ourselves for a new perspective. This is different than making goals, resolutions and agreements with ourselves. It entrust a different type of outcome, one that allows greater potential to unfold by giving permission to be free.

New beginnings are usually thought of as fresh starts where we leave something old and worn-out behind in favor of something new and fresh. Quite often this is a metaphor for parts of ourselves that we are longing to change or release. Born from wishes to move forward and embark on much needed growth. It requires a certain sense of resolve to make the dedication stick.

It’s easy to become disenchanted by the hopes of true change when our will is not in alignment with our heart’s desires. Equally, we cannot move forward when we feel stuck by circumstances or other outward limitations that we perceive to ensure failure even before we’ve started. This is often the case when we have constructed our goals, wishes and resolutions based on outward changes we wish to make.

These type of alterations often fail after a short duration not because we lack the will power to stick to them. These shortcomings arrive because the inner resolve was not in alignment with our inner truth, missing the needed integration to move forward at the beginning. Each shift we make in consciousness requires an acknowledgement of what we have gained or learnt from our past.

We cannot move forward in our evolutionary expressions until we have unraveled the gift our past experiences have bestowed. Without this reflection we are almost doomed to repeat it, until this acknowledgment arrives. Once we have gained the insights born from experience, wisdom descends granting a powerful motivation that propels us forward without the need of great effort.

To make a change without reflection leaves heavy work to be carried forward during a journey that is burden by past chores instead of new discovery. Allowing the time to reflect and unburden that which is no longer useful has many rewards beyond dropping old baggage. It grants strength, empowerment, confidence and wisdom to not repeat what we have learned.

Beginning anew can happen every day, if we so choose to refresh ourselves through reviewing what came prior. It is a beautiful practice to do before retiring to sleep by allowing the review of the day’s events to be gleaned for both blessings received and lessons learned, preparing us for a fresh start upon waking to greet our potential.

When we align ourselves with authentic awareness capable of integrating our experiences as they unfold as best we can, we walk with a certain amount of freedom. We grow not from a place of constraint or burdened discipline, but rather a support field of understanding that embraces our needs with gentleness and astonishing courage. We begin to grow in compassion and self-acceptance that truly allows a freshness to unfold.

We can all desire to better ourselves, make changes that improve our lives, whether we can achieve them largely depends on whether we have the inner support to do so. When we are clinging to ideas that degrade us within or admonish us for needing to change, we are not integrating those experiences that burden us due to a sense of shame for desiring a change. Coming into honesty with ourselves to grant permission and may be even forgiveness moves us closer to the support we need to be dedicated to change.

We make change not because we decide to change, but because we are ready to change, as the shift is apparent already within ourselves. We come into this knowledge and it's embraced by acknowledgment, making the outward demonstration easeful with success guaranteed. Then we are assured regardless of outside suppo