Building Connections from Within

We often think of building our connection to others through our interactions with people, either by those we work with as colleagues, friends of friends, family connections, or strangers via social platforms and apps. There is an abundance of different ways in which we can connect to others. We take classes, join groups, chats, share our views that lead us to find other like-minded individuals. These are all wonderful ways to connect and gather into our social circle those who seem to understand us and what we care about.

Although, connecting in these ways are useful and lead to many great relationships. We might consider connecting to ourselves inwardly before we reach out in order to fine tune what it is that resonates with us first. This step towards finding who we are has a tremendous value that is often overlooked when deciding to widen our social connections and inner circle of friends. We often become more focused on the desire to make friends without thinking as much of what type of friends and acquaintances, we want to cultivate.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves longing to speak with others with the hope that somehow they will be right for us. We hope that they will see us, and a connection will form based on our profiles or our pictures, through zoom meetings and social app matches. This often leaves a great deal to chance where we hope for the best without placing any more energy into it than that. It seem enough to put ourselves out there, as it already seems to be requiring so much energy just to engage.

However, there is another way to cultivate these connections even before they appear by tuning into our inner world where our consciousness is already linked to those we are meant to find. It might sounds far out to think that our consciousness has the ability to lead us in this way, but I assure it does. Our consciousness is the primary force that drives everything we do. We are led by this force, in many unseen choices, simple through a gentle nudge, a feeling within, or a knot in the stomach.

It is an interesting phenomenon to notice the days when we are in alignment with ourselves, how easily our day unfolds, how noticeably buoyant our interactions become and how delightful our experiences to engage with our tasks. This comes from being centered in ourselves, being in an alignment that fulfills us before we engage in activity. It is a natural process of being self-aware and mindfully led from within ourselves.

So often, we forget that we can navigate ourselves from this space by engaging with a deeper truth that only requires recognition of who we are, what we feel and what we need to feel authentic. When we practice listening to ourselves, this knowledge is readily available to us all the time. We don’t have to seek it out, because we are constant connected to it as truth we live. It’s a wonderful feeling to know ourselves and be readily able to choose for ourselves what is best for us, because we know ourselves intimately.

It might sound silly that this is an actual thing to do, to know oneself. Yet so much can get in the way and distract us from that knowledge, either purposefully or through distraction and laziness. It’s easy to become complacent with ourselves when we feel overburdened by life’s responsibilities. We become too busy to pay attention to ourselves, either by doing all that’s needed to take care of our basic necessities, or taking care of others, or because we were never taught the value of self-care. We could spend a lifetime in service to others and never think to value who we are, or the choices that we could make for ourselves.

It is an easy path to follow responsibility that excludes ourselves from the equation, especially when we are in roles that request more of us than we can feasibly maintain. Still, we have a choice to listen to that inner calling allowing ourselves to be recognized and liberated. We all deserve the opportunity to be authentic, seen and celebrated for who we truly are, as we were born perfect as whole individuals.

This opportunity is one we must take for ourselves. Even when we are given all the support and encouragement to be ourselves, we must take the steps to honor it for ourselves to make it real, to live its expression. When we are in our authenticity aligned with our inner truth, able to discover our natural state of perfection as we’re destined to be, we are unstoppable. We begin to encounter life experiences that support who we truly are, finding a satisfaction unlike any other.