Born Unique

We are each so unique as conscious beings, living combinations of stardust and magic created as no two exactly the same. Our souls reflect our visions, dreams, desires, connections, preoccupations and preferences, ever shifting through the fabric of time making us eternally newly born and incredibly different even from the previous versions of ourselves. As we create our individual flare that is solely our own, we gain a glimpse of our beautiful presence, a light that never changes though it emotes an ever-changing facade. It is the beauty of always re-discovering our endless expansion as conscious beings. We can share many of the same traits, genetics and backgrounds, but our souls are one of kind, they dance in an ever-evolving space of eternity.

We are born into life both to journey through it, and to embrace ourselves within its experiences. Along our journey through life, we meet ourselves reflected back through others, bumping into all sorts of beings that help us to learn about ourselves. Each experience encourages us to look deeper into who we are becoming, one episode of life at a time. And through it all, we are evolving into ourselves, incorporating all the knowledge, exchanges and experiences that we have with our unique perceptions.

We move through our lives with the understanding we gain through our experiences, joining one moment to the next, weaving a fabric known only to us. We share this beautiful cloth with others by wrapping them in our thoughts, beliefs and love, sharing ourselves with them. It is the gift we give to each other and also to ourselves. It is this unfolding of ourselves in the form of our uniqueness that allows us to grow. All of us have this spectacular gift within us built from the mixture of life’s experience and perspectives that makes each special, a soul worthy to know.

Thankfully, we are all different and capable of finding that which pulls us close together in commonality of love, joy and friendship, or bring us together perhaps, by that which is detested. It gives us a mirror within each other’s eyes by which to gaze into our own reflected soul and linger in the depths to see our truth. We are valuable to each other, not for what we do for each other, but for what we bring into form within one another. What we spark into life and into recognition to behold and celebrate is for ourselves and others equally.

We are in a sense a gift to each other, pointing out different perspectives and sharing ourselves from a place that is somewhat temporary as it’s based on our most recent past, although some may claim a longer sense of memory from different periods of life within their perspectives. We are offering what hold within our awareness to each other. It’s an amazing phenomenon that we can find within each other, places to connect, anchoring and forming attachment to each other as we grow together in our shared joys, loves and sometimes dislikes.

No matter who we are with, we are in a sense, traveling within ourselves, joined by those we share the path we traverse. We are learning from each other as we learn about ourselves. We have opportunities to make those experiences fruitful by gathering the wisdom that is offered, or we can delay our potential growth by turning away from what is offered. Neither choice is the end, nor does it remain a mark against us, it only reveals again, where we are as individuals at this particular time within our never-ending journey into the depth of ourselves.

So much of our lives is spent learning about the world we inhabit and gaining the knowledge in how to navigate it well. This is an important preoccupation as it serves us to become healthy, strong and successful in all that we undertake. Yet, there is a greater insight that can help us succeed beyond understanding the world and how it functions, and that is understanding ourselves. Knowing ourselves well is a constant process, as we are ever-evolving throughout our lives. We never standstill as stagnant beings no matter how we might perceive ourselves. We are souls in perpetual motion.

Every cell in our bodies is being transformed overtime, we are changing not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritual as well. We may recognize these changes and find we enjoy it. While other shifts may seem to leave us wishing for more change, greater evolution, or perhaps finding we are longing for the earlier version of ourselves that we had known better. Luckily, we are ever-evolving, and our path moves us forward, at times slowly, so slow we might mistake it for standing still, yet assured in truth, we are always moving forward. Time marks this process, but it's within our spirits that we feel this measurement.

Our soul reflects our purest truth and sweetest opportunity for knowledge. When, we allow ourselves to be witnessed for the unique qualities t