Bathing in Sound - 8 ways to connect to expanded consciousness and integrated health

A sound bath is a wonderful way to shift energy and release stress. Sound has been used for centuries to lead the mind and body to higher states of consciousness and healing. Sound waves have been found to have powerful properties that can alter matter to create permanent shifts in physical states. There are many different ways to take advantage of using sound to benefit health and spur spiritual growth.

Sound Baths are enjoying a wide inclusion in yogic and progressive health movements currently. These social spaces are bringing the idea of uplifting individuals through the collective vibrational impact of the group through sound frequencies. These type of sound gatherings incorporate a series of different type of instruments. Singing bowls, chimes, bells, harmonics, drones and tonal recordings will often be part of the repertoire during a sound bath gathering. Crystals, energy alignments like reiki or yogic postures may also be incorporated to help with raising the vibrational quality of the work being done and to enhance the experience.

The idea of using sound to heal, transcend and create sacred space is not new. The ancient yogis developed specific melodies called ragas that were based on sounds which were perceived within heighten states of meditative consciousness. Science has found that these ragas have the power to effect changes within the consciousness of the listener. They have been used to induce different meditative states, to create harmony and promote greater health. Some of these sounds have been incorporated with different Sanskrit phrases to produce hymns known as mantras. It is believed that within the space in which the sounds are played and chanted that a higher spiritual dimension is created and maintained.

An example of these specialized sounds is the Shri Rudram which is a sacred chant that is used to clear physical spaces. It is often the first chant sung in the morning in ashrams and is considered very powerful for aligning to the sacred. It is thought to clear stagnate energies and invigorate potential spiritual expansion. Another example is known as 9 planet mantras. This series of mantras uses designated sounds associated with deities to grant very powerful boons with beneficial results. The 9 planet mantras are typically used as a remedial measure for afflicted planetary influences within a person chart. Mantras and the sounds they produce within the individual can help to uplift energy removing obstacles within one's experience. Sanskrit seed mantras are assigned to the different chakras and is another beneficial sound healing technique. These mantras are root words in the Sanskrit language that are thought to match the vibratory force within the body's energy centers or chakras.

Chanting them is thought to bring alignment and release energy blocks within the energy centers of the body optimizing health and wellness.

Yet another example of healing sound is the tamboura, an Indian instrument that is considered to be a living deity. It produces an excellent sound that is often used in mediation practices. The tamboura provides sound vibrations that assists in going deeper into alternative conscious states of awareness. The tamboura is often incorporated with other forms of sound healing providing a foundational tone to ground consciousness in a higher spiritual state of awareness. It can easily be listened to without accompaniment of other instruments as it is powerful and transformative by itself. Similarly, Tibetan Singing bowls also offer meditative harmonic sounds useful for mediation or sound healing. Like the tamboura, singing bowls are often incorporated into sound baths with other instruments.

Using sound to clear energy is a powerful way that requires very little effort. Simply playing the recording can allow the mind and body to relax into the perception of sounds. Solfeggio frequencies are a good example of sound recording with this type of potential. They are used to shift consciousness with different vibrational frequencies. Many scientists and scholars have found that by tuning into these frequencies measured shifts in health and cellar repair have been documented. 528Hz is known to align with cellular repair of DNA, it is often referred to as the miracle frequency. 741 Hz is thought to remove negativity and 639 Hz is thought to bring harmony and balance to relationships. There are many different frequencies that can help. Listening to them to find which ones resonates within your own practice is the best way to determine what is best for you. Perhaps using different frequencies at different times depending on desired outcomes.