Animal Allies

Fortunately, we live on a beautiful planet diversely filled with life, which makes making friends easy. Our closest friends may be covered in fur, scales or feathers, referred to as four-legged-beings, belly walkers, or winged folk. We share in the animal kingdom and within it we have opportunities to bond and grow together. Our companionship and relationships often transcend the experience of friendship into family bonds.

Animals are fascinating creatures that mysteriously invoke our spirits. Within the depths of our souls, we often come to know ourself as we reflect on these exchanges. It is a magical event to take note of who arrives and when. Some animals arrive through stories, myths, symbolic representations in gifts, unexpected nicknames and brands. Animals often represent the wild aspect of our own inner nature yearning to be celebrated.

Animals companions are more than friends or pets. They are significant part of our collective community. Their lives in deeply interwoven into our lives, myths and hearts. Each beloved animal that joins our personal tribe is important. Often becoming a cherished family member. Some of my friends although without biological children, claim their status as being dog-parents. They often joke about having a baby that’s a labradoodle.

Animals have tremendous healing effects on us. Children gain confidence while reading to their dogs or even a fish. Older generations find spirits lifted with the constant awareness of a loyal animal companion. Becoming the eyes and physical guardian of those who are visual impaired. Animals facilitate the healing process through their calming presences.

It is not unusual to hear people profess feeling a kindred spirit with certain animal. Some feel a connection to the untamed nature within linked to those animals still in the wild. We may find we are attracted to a particular animal without having seen one live. Yet, the spirit of this animal has spoken to the soul. With the call of this kindred spirit rising up comes a message of inspiration. It is ours, if we listen.

Many native tribes from around the world understood nature as a sacred communication between us and the gods. This was especially true with the animals. They were seen as a means of communication with the divine. Animals spirits were seen as allies who strengthen endurance through trials and offered guidance along the way. Many stories utilize animal characters to help strengthen the archetypical connections to the world while securing important teachings in a way that could be remembered.

We may find ourselves strengthened through our animal allies. Especially now, as we face usually circumstances due to a world-wide pandemic. It is a true blessing to have animal allies. We must be mindful and continue to nurture each other. Our animal allies are also adjusting to all the changes. Below is the short list to supporting them.

Important care that can help support our animal allies to live longer and feel better.

1. Love, appreciation, attention and more love. It’s the reason for everything.

2. Fresh, fresh water! Keep hydrated is important for all of us. Drink lots of water, make sure it's available.

3. Good food because nutrition is essential for health. Check the labels! Longevity is link to diet. Chose to eat well.

4. Exercise is good for bot