Ageless Joy

The amazing thing about our inner selves, that part of ourselves that we know ourselves to be beyond the limitations of our flesh, is our capacity to feel joy. We may age through the years gathering memories and experiences, storing away wisdom and knowledge, but within us is still the light that flickers within our everlasting discovery of youthful joys. These are the special expressions that never cease to delight our spirits, lifting our hearts and unraveling misconceptions. We are eternal beings of light that becomes amplified through our shared joys.

So much time is wasted comparing ourselves to others or to a younger version of who we may have been, losing the potential of unexpected adventures that appear for us in the present moments. We are never without hope to learn something new, to change something for the better or to begin again. We can take advantage of the miracles around us, using every opportunity to explore, adventuring into our own unknown potential.

When we share our passions, we expand others into theirs. They are set a flame by our enthusiasm to go forward toward what is exciting and new for us. This often enables others to conceive what they’re impassioned about in the world. When we see another person who lit from within, smiling because of their own illuminated perspective, it has the power to open us up to more light.

With this light, we can find where we have been hiding our own joy within the darkness of ignorance born from ignoring what’s profoundly joyful in our lives. There is more to life than accomplishing goals, making money, or gathering followers. There is the beauty of the individual soul making its journey across the star path that is uniquely their own. We are each brought forward out of the darkness of our mother’s wombs to embrace the light of conscious life. What better reason to celebrate and expand do we need than this knowledge?

We can find joy in many different places. Some find joy within simple pleasures, as the tactile touch of warmth holding a comforting cup of hot tea, while other find it in the complex emotional embrace of a loved one’s long-distance message. We can find joy more readily when we affirm its presence within ourselves. We follow where joy leads us, embracing its overflowing radiance wherever we go.

The path we walk through life is determined by how we chose to see it, what obstacles we become fixated upon and what challenges we rise above. Joy is one of those special tools we have been given that stays with us through our journeys, lifting us unexpectedly at times and celebrating with us on schedule. We do not outgrow joy, nor can we ever lose our ability to feel it entirely. Even when we are sadden beyond imagination, joy lurks within our memories calls us back to ourselves to begin again.

Joyfulness is one of those experiences that we often label as an emotion, because it is filled with many feelings that we all share and can identify, bliss, happiness, being tickled, a warm glow of appreciation, expectancy, hope, and increased energy. We gain so much from joy that perhaps it’s one of the things that we learn to expect, not seeing it as viable goal in itself.

I’ve noticed that small children and many older individuals have a natural proficiency for embracing joy and seemingly helping to generate it for others, bring us along for the ride. It is so easy to see them, playing with joy like a companion that never leaves them. It makes me wonder why so many of us lose contact with that special companion within our lives. Joyfulness is like a friend that lends us a sense of resilience to the world, impressing upon us a hopeful attitude. Perhaps, like many things we lose track of it, taking it for granted by not seeing its value as its presence seemed to be everywhere until it was gone.

Reclaiming our sense of joy is easier done than we’d imagine, like finding a lost friend we’ve fallen out of touch with, by committing ourselves to an invitation. That is all it takes, really, an invitation to bring joy back into our lives. For with a simple invitation, we have already recognized our longing for its company and once again it travels back to us unimpeded through remembered places and reawakened memories. We become animated again with what it is to be joyful when we remember when we last felt its presence.

One of the most useful ways to invite joy into our lives is through recognition. As we become mindful of what we apprec