Abundant Light ✨

It is not surprising to see news headlines that can diminish our spirits or find some global action that looms a dark cloud. The world is filled with both dark and light. As a child I was taught that we come to know and value light sometime through the shadows. As an artist I found this to be profoundly true.

As a life coach, I've seen the cast of the shadow reveal a brilliance unlike any other light before in an individual's life. Darkness can demand the light much the way we demand it as we enter a dark room. The light we travel with within us celebrates and uplifts those we care and love. it provides clarity in our vision. The light we share with others is amplified as it expands outwardly.

Tremendous power emanates from each of us when we are tapped into the inner source of our consciousness as a deliberate presence of light. It is a magical gift to be in alignment with that part of ourselves that supports us inherently with absolute fealty. It is in that flow of awareness that we experience divine guidance and unexplainable synchronistic events.

This inner light is so precious as it expresses the best of human kindness and compassion. It is the shining expression of positivity, empowerment, grace, enthusiasm that demonstrates equality, opportunity, liberty and autonomy. We are blessed by those individual in our lives that can lift our spirits either through words, actions or simply through their presences.

We each may travel our pathway and experience the over casted gloom that threatens to mire our plans or dissuade our progress. However, perhaps the clouds are revealing a deeper truth to be seen. Perhaps, the shadow forces the light to become brighter. In these instances, it’s important not to retreat further into a shadowy darkness of worry, fear and overwhelming stagnation.

Instead reach out to those who can remind you of your own inner light. The inner flame is never out completely even when it’s not showy and dazzlingly bright. Often, it’s a matter of being reminded. We re-ignite those passions for the things we love through recognition and honoring. With those connections comes a natural process of generating a passionate shining light.

Practices for Building Radiant Inner Light✨

  1. Connect to feelings of love - what we love, who we share love and what inspires us to love, opening to experience of loving kindness.

  2. Remember you are a beloved being of divine consciousness having a human experience. Be compassionate.

  3. Pamper yourself with rejuvenation - massage, mineral baths, good food and gifts of nurturing and encouragement.

  4. Converse about a motivating topic that raises your vibration.

  5. Spend some time outside absorbing the sunshine and breathing deeply.

  6. Repeat positive inner talk. Say empowering intentions to focus on inner radiance.

  7. Check-in with a positive friend and talk about something you appreciate or found humorous.

  8. Laugh for 5 minutes. Whole, hearty, complete full body laughter that shakes you and brings tears rolling down your face. Make it a habit. This alone will change your life.

  9. Let go of all that wants to go. Sit with non-resistance. Acceptance builds inner radiance.

  10. Decorate your space with life enhancing elements, such as plants, flowers, crystals, water elements, chimes, welcoming fabrics and items that inspire.