5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

There are many ways to express creativity; art, music, poetry, cooking and building structures to name just a few. We use creativity everyday in negotiations, problem-solving and innovation. Creativity can also spur the mind to engage in ways that allows the soul to grow and evolve. When we are in connection with our creativity we become free to engage in our highest potential. This is because we are most authentic and creative when we are allowed to be openly ourselves freeing our potential to be found. When we express our inner joys freely it allows the best to be revealed, often in a creative way.

Here are 5 easy ways to ignite creativity and allow that highest potential to be expressed. As you practice cultivating creativity it's a good idea to keep a journal. This is the first way to cultivate creativity. This is because we are naturally creative. However, we often don't stop to recognize the brilliance that shines in our everyday moments. Keeping a journal creates a practice of notating those little gems. Once you jot down that inspiration it's there to be reclaimed and built upon. Especially, if you're busy at another task that can't really be delayed. Writing down inspiration only takes a moment. The value in it will be revealed once it's written. Writing creates a witness to our creativity which is an important step to acknowledging it's power.

The next practice to trigger creativity is to move the body. Spending time stretching, walking, or doing any other form of exercise releases stress and frees the mind. This activity impresses the brain with wonderful endorphins that creates a positive state of consciousness. This state of being can help give new perspectives activating ideas and different solutions. Even moderate exercise helps to shift brain activity creating a new state of consciousness that primes it for creativity.

Playing is another way to spur creativity. Playing games engages the mind to find solution that helps to activate creativity. Play allows ourselves to have fun. This opens up the opportunity to be inspired as we become more relaxed. Stress hinders creative expression. When we've engaged in leisurely play we tend to be more creative. Whether it's a game of hide + seek with your children, or a game of cards with friends or even playing something by yourself like an app or video game - it can bring a moment of freedom to reset the mind. This shift allows for creativity to enter.

Do something new. When we try new things it activates our curiosity and sets up our consciousness to be more open and aware. This allows a sense of being an explorer, having an adventure to be discovered. This does not require big changes or extreme actions. Simply trying a new food, listening to new music or driving a different route can create the feeling of unexpectedness and new experiences. This is the very thing that invites the creative energy to take hold and grow into something new in you. Take a chance to see what can be sparked through simple discovery.

It will activate creativity easily through the novelty of the unknown.

Pick up a brush, pen or marker and begin to doodle. It's not art. It's not anything that has a purpose. It's not a list to do, or anything that has defined meaning. Doodling is a wonderful way to empty the brain. Allow the marks being made to simple flow. Giving permission to express in this way opens creativity because its open ended and presents freedom. As we express freely, we find creativity unfolds. Without great effort this activity will bring new thought to the mind. It may allow other thoughts to be processed in order to make room for new ones. Let it be what it is. Doodling for the fun of it to spark creativity.

These simple actions can push consciousness into a creative space by allowing freedom to do so. Journaling to keep tabs on the creativity that arises helps to put it to use. Releasing tension in the body though movement unleashes creative energy in the mind. Just as playing games, can release stress and also push creative expression from joyful actions. Creativity is built into the idea of trying something new, as it engages the feelings of exploration and adventure. Doodling can make creative ideas flow more easily as it offers a space to bring it forward.

Activating creative energy is about opening up to that aspect within ourselves. This means giving it opportunities to be expressed. Harnessing creativity may be more about practicing habitual activities to invite and welcome it presence. With each activity we bring our creativity closer becoming more familiar and comfortable with expressing it. I invite you to take a journey into your creative consciousness by adding a few of these practices to see where it will lead you. As always have fun and enjoy the exploration.

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