5 Ways to Keeping Good Vibes

Good Vibrations come from the positive frequencies of light, love, health, joy and abundance. We can favor these elements in our lives by invoking their spirit in the ways we do things. Here are a few ways to incorporate them to keep the good vibes going!

Light, vibrationally is both the physical glow of energy and the ethereal energetic source emanating from within us. We can add, better lightening to our living spaces and it will help to brighten our lives, enhancing the feng shui of our homes. We can let in more natural light or spending time in sunlight to rejuvenate ourselves.

We can enhance our etheric light by becoming more available to our dreams. Allowing ourselves to be inspired, to ignite the light within us by giving to ourselves in ways that’s uplifting. This might include focusing on what’s right rather than what’s not. Getting inspired, coached, or participating in something that fulfills a passionate interest and makes you feel brighter.

Think of light as representing inspiration and allow it to be a guiding principle to finding more to be excited and passionate about in life. We awaken to our good by paying attention, by looking for it and celebrating its presence, allowing more light into our expression.