5 Easy Ways to Start a Dreaming Practice

Dreaming expands our consciousness and allows a way to tap into the intuitive field of awareness.

Dreaming is a great way to tap into the hidden potential within our consciousness. I often ask people 'what did you dream about?' It is one of my favorite questions to ask. Sometimes the response I get from people is that they do not dream. I believe everyone dreams. Although everyone may not be skilled or practiced in remembering their dreams. Others tell me they dream and share those dreams. Some find it hard to remember their dreams. And there are still others that tell me they actively dream, but cannot recall the dream once they're out of bed. No matter what stage of dreaming awareness, you can learn to go deeper and enjoy the fruits of dreaming consciousness.

Dreaming is a natural activity that is a true gift. Dreams offer us all kinds of wonderful information to assist us in our lives. Some dreams help to prepare us for new tasks, a chance to practice new social skills or give insight to issues in relationships, and even offer solutions to problems. While other dreams help to experience something that we have yet to do. And then there are dreams that are like a form of spring cleaning that clears all the thoughts and preoccupations triggered by media programming we've flooded the mind with during the day.

All dreaming is useful, especially when we can remember the dream when we awaken. Here are a few techniques to try to build a dreaming awareness to remember your dreams once you're awake. Keep in mind the best practice for dreaming is to stay consistent in the practice. It takes a little bit of time to teach your mind to develop the awareness to pay attention and to activate your ability to remember.

First, tell yourself that you will remember your dream when you wake up. I know, it sounds simple, but this basis command to the subconscious will truly work to help you remember your dream. Before you drift off to sleep tell yourself gently with a firm command 'I remember my dreams" say it three times and then go to sleep. This is a technique that is also used to help get answers within dreams for specific issues. Commanding such, 'please give me the answer to ________during my dream and I will remember it'. This technique has been used by scientist, artist, inventors and musician to help solve problems and gain creative insight that eluded their conscious mind. Once asleep they discovered brilliant unthought of answers that came to them during a dream. Never underestimate the power of your dreams.

Secondly, to help increase dreaming awareness plan to eat early in the evening allowing your digestion to be completed before retiring to sleep. Light bites such as fruit are allowed, but the idea is to give the body the freedom from heavy digestion when entering into your sleep pattern. As you may have experienced after eating a heavy meal before bed, sleep may not be restful or easy because the body is forced to work to digest instead of relaxing. Also avoid heavy drinking before sleep as alcohol effects mental functions and will interrupt dreaming patterns.

Many have found a trigger to remember dreams is the use of water. Drinking a small half glass of water with the intention of drinking the second half upon waking is another way to trigger the mind to remember. This is a technique that uses a physical cue along with the power of intentionality to build dream awareness. Water is an amazing conduit of energy and can have a fascinating effect when used with intentions. In this case you are drinking half of the water before and half after to create a ritual practice of remembering and using it to effect your dreaming.

Another important technique for remembering dreams is to lay still upon waking. Letting the body remain in the position it was during sleeping and dreaming. Keeping still while the mind is coming into waking awareness helps to pull the dream images and feelings into the waking consciousness. This allows the mental capacity to be trained and honed on remembering. When we move about the physical activity activates the motor sensory perceptions of the brain making it compete with the act of remembering the dream. Try to remain still and scan the mind by focusing on the dream. Sometimes it is a feeling from the dream that lead as a cue that triggers remembering the entire dream.

Lastly keeping a dream journal to write your dreams down can train the mind to remember your dreams. Writing down the dream as you remembered it by following what you felt, where you were and what happened is a great way to build dream awareness. Alternatively you could use a recorder to document your dreams. Keeping a dream journal opens up the potential for creative inspiration and the development of intuition. Dreams are an important resource that can expand our consciousness. Dreams offer a means to increased self awareness through the act of remembering them. With a little practice, you can achieve amazing results. Even learning to become a lucid dreamer where you can choose the dream you wish to have. Happy dreaming!

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